May 17, 2011 § 6 Comments

                                                                                                                                      {19/52, renegade knitting on the Oudegracht, de Dom}

 We had a few old friends via NYC & Paris here for the weekend. It was soooooooooo wonderful. It is always fun to see Utrecht by foot rather than always zipping through on the bike, too.

btw: if you ever find yourself in Paris, contact Karen. She’s got a fantastic business & you’ll have a great time!


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  • Alison says:

    So cool that you got to see the knitting! There’s a tiny piece of knitting on one of the signposts at the corner of Voorstraat and Wijde Begijnestraat that I did notice Saturday. So glad you had a good time. See? Walking’s not so bad. ;)

  • Krista says:

    Renegade knitting – love it!

  • dana says:

    fun!! i love having visitors, don’t you? i have seen some knitting about various places in europe – what’s the story about that? it’s such a treat to see but i don’t know the background.

  • Christine says:

    renegade knitting makes my heart pitter patter a little bit.

    And I love that you had some much needed time with old friends. It’s good for the soul. :-)

  • melwillems says:

    Very cool:) How funny I just sent you that renegade crocheter in NY Mag!

  • So, I know I’ve been a terrible blog friend. I mean, I should have realized that you went AWOL a lot sooner than this. Where are you? Are you not blogging anymore? Did you move? I wanted to e-mail you, but of course I can’t find your e-mail address. (Miserable failure.) I hope all is well. I still use (and LOVE) my camera strap. Just thought I’d share that. Take care, friend.

    — Stephanie
    (aka Chocolate & Whine)
    (aka The Vamp Tramp)
    (most recently known as Stephanie Harsh)

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