March 27, 2011 § 8 Comments


Next will be bungee jumping/Planting strawberry seeds
Spring is definitely in the air! The sun has been shining, flowers & trees blooming. My favorite time of year in the Netherlands. The tulip fields will be peaking in the next few weeks- can’t wait.

Hope it’s sunny where you are, too.




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  • Donna says:

    I hate watching him go up in pictures:(((

  • Elizabeth says:

    Jealous. It WAS sunny here… we had 80 degrees last week! And then we got 5 inches of snow yesterday. So weird.
    But enjoy your spring :)

  • Carrie says:

    It is beautiful out…

    I’ll be curious how the strawberry seeds work out. I’ve never planted strawberries by seed, never even considered it as an option. I’ve always taken runners/ divisions from older plants. So, I’m curious how long they take to establish from seed and how quickly you’ll then get fruit.

  • beckarecka says:

    These pics make me smile. It is most definitely not sunny here, and we aren’t supposed to have any spring-like weather in the 10-day forcast either. :( So, it makes me happy to hear that someone is enjoy the goodness and warmth. Happy spring!

  • Christine says:

    I am so ready for spring… SO. READY.

    And that first shot?! Oy. I know your pain. Zip line?! Yes please. Rock wall?! Yes please. Any sort of danger?! Yes, please. Ugh. I’ll be gray before the year is out.

  • jenna says:

    love those. yesterday we were standing in the back yard and ella ran to our garden to find a worm. after not finding one, i had to remind her it was still a little chilly and it may take a few more weeks to see them…but they were coming. spring WILL come (right?) :)

  • Stephanie says:

    It was 90+ here in California today. Even my car’s AC couldn’t keep up. For us, it’s Summer that is quickly approaching. We tend to skip Spring and Fall.

  • Kelli K says:

    hooray for spring!

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