June 30, 2010 § 11 Comments

There is an endless amount of stuff that needs to get done between right this second & when we leave next week {I can say that we are leaving because people will be living in our house ;) } Which means it’s perfect that we are having the outside trim of our house sanded & repainted. This means dust everywhere & scaffolding. Even better that we have a friend from Vietnam coming to visit for 2 days tomorrow. Welcome to our dusty, disgusting house! & paperwork. So much paperwork. For various things that need to get sorted- before we go. On top of that I landed a huge job for a custom order that I could not say no to. & again, it’s all about timing! Little Man has been ‘lively’ till about 10 every night. Hans & I are pretty tired.

Ah well.



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  • Christine says:

    Oh Mama… That sounds rough. Hang in there!

  • Anne says:

    Those little shoes could not be any cuter. Love. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on!!

  • auntie Gail says:

    List it out!! Overwhelm requires lists!! Ha ha ha!!
    Then just imagine how WONDERFUL it will be when you’ve made your 12 blankets, and filed all your paperwork and packed all the travel bags and the sanding and home improvements are finished and you’re ON YOUR WAY into an AMAZING adventure!! …… aaaaand EXHALE.

    Not to mention that you ALWAYS manage to do the things that need doing Ms. Kerry Berry. It’ll be great on the other side!!!!

  • mimi lam says:

    Seems your creative crafty talents have been paid off,and appreciated, it is a wonderfull new, and I love little man’shoes, they look so comfortable, and complimentary colorfull on his cute little feet.

  • Sarah says:

    love those bright shoes! (((((hugs))))) hang in there!!!!

  • jenna says:

    Ella has those same slippers from VN! They are in her room…but are pretty snug :(

    Sending you happy productive thoughts.

  • emily says:

    those shoes are so adorable!!

  • Grenda says:

    Awww. Sadie has those same slippers. They were too big when we got home from Vietnam and they got put up on a shelf. Gotta go find them and see if they fit now!!!

  • melwillems says:

    What a full life you have! Maybe we can trade some and even it all out..hee hee.
    Hang in there..in no time flat you’ll be sipping something fantastico in Italy!

  • gayla says:

    I agree that lists are the way to go. :-) And just keep thinking about the day you are off on your amazing trip.

    His little shoes are way too cute!

  • beckarecka says:

    Vacation is coming soon! When do you leave??

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