June 27, 2010 § 10 Comments

Berlin Day Two was a bit more traditional in terms of site seeing than yesterday. I took full advantage of not having to get up & didn’t get my tush out the door till close to 1130…

I jumped on the U-Bahn {subway system} & made my way to Potsdamer Platz. From there I walked along a main drag & made stops at the Holocaust Memorial, a temporary outdoor exhibition of several pieces of the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Tor, a walk down Unter den Linden & to the Berliner Dom. After that I sat for a long while on a bench under some trees & read. Finally, I made it to the Martin-Gropius Bau for the exhibition.

The exhibition was much more intimate than the one I saw at the Tate a few years ago. That was a traveling exhibit but this one will only be in Berlin. It was significant because her father was German & so there was a bit more about her family tree on that side. It had over 150 works; most of which had never been exhibited in public, included her diary, letters, a well-known necklace she wore, outfits, photographs, a short film of her, one of the body casts she wore {beautifully painted, of course} after one of her many surgeries. There was her first known painting ever; as well as little drawings she did for nieces & nephews on scrap paper. There was more of a focus on the effect her physical issues influenced her art- two pieces completed at the end of her life when her health was failing rapidly, which she did while clearly on heavy doses of painkillers & alcohol. Seeing those & then looking at work she completed while not under any influence was  heartbreaking. There was also more focus on the impact her miscarriages had on her throughout her life. So being a Fridaphile, & how emotionally attached to her work I am, I was nearly a weepy mess by the time I left. But it was good. I can’t explain my draw to her other than it is what it is & looking at my Frida books has gotten me through some difficult times over the years. I feel blessed to have had an opportunity to see her work for a second time.

{potsdamer platz}

{holocaust memorial}

{brandenburg tor}

{berliner dom}

{yoga fest!}

{viva frida}

If you are so inclined to see even more pictures of Berlin, click here to see the set.

I managed to end a very long day with a glass of shiraz outside & watched the US/Ghana game with some lively peeps. I am not a big football fan but it was fun!


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