May 26, 2010 § 10 Comments

The weekend was lovely! Particularly the weather. I can’t express how positively wonderful it is to see the sun shine in a bright blue sky without a spot of gray or a drop of rain. The Netherlands is particularly beautiful in the spring & early summer- as long as the weather holds out ;)

The Utrechtse Fabriek came & went without a hitch. Huge crowds, music, ice cream. Day one I sold nada…lots of positive vibes & love but no money. Day two was far better, though! I made some good sales & got to meet some great folks. Friends stopped by & my awesome better half stuck around with me pretty much for the duration.

Of course the highlight has been my parents’ visit! Little Man has been conducting his court & has them wrapped around his chubby little finger {per usual}. We’ve been having a great time. Hans & I were able to go out for Thai with friends last night without worrying about a sitter which is awesome. This will be their 5th trip to The Netherlands & since Little Man’s arrival, the stays get a bit longer ;)

Next weekend Little Man & I are heading to the UK to visit family with my parents & then it’s countdown to our big July roadtrip & stateside visit in August!

Hope all is well. Going to catch up with everyone’s news tonight…xox


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  • auntie Gail says:

    Aaaahhh finally a post from 3cf!!! Missed you!! The pieces are so lovely Ker. I’m glad it was a positive experience for you. Congratulations!!! ‘Round these parts it’s hotter’n hell!! Things are moving along. Finished mom’s closet today. Good Times!!!

  • Thanks for letting me into your blog world :)
    Didn’t know you were a fellow artist/crafter too! Although, I’m out of the biz these days…
    I’m looking forward to following your life!

  • mimi lam says:

    Oh,I love, love the European outdoor market, I wish I was there, strolling, shoping, touching all the lovely, creative arts, craft,especially yours beautifull pieces, and feasting on all the awesome yummy food.

  • Alison says:

    I got spoiled with the weather we had. Hope it comes back, especially Saturday!

  • emily says:

    you are so talented. your pieces look so lovely!!!!!

  • beckarecka says:

    Looks like a fun event! Glad it went well and the weather so perfect.

  • Christine says:

    This looks amazing. Absolutely amazing. :-)

  • Krista says:

    Love the vintage look to the pics – sorry the sale wasn’t as blockbuster as you would have liked. Will you be in the Boston area in early Aug? We will!

  • dana says:

    Yay! So happy for you that the show went well!! So, heading to the UK????? Ahem, if you will be in London please let me know!!

  • gayla says:

    All of your pieces look so lovely!! And I know firsthand that they truly are from the ones I have here. Glad day 2 was better!

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