April 20, 2010 § 10 Comments

{more pink twees}

How can a little person who is so very busy

I opt for the caffeine route but will try to drink more water.
I did yoga with him today, he likes it which is cute. We cycled through the city. We ran up & down the oudegracht. I wanted to crash, he wanted to crawl around like a puppy.
Last night we kept him up until 10 with the hopes of somehow exhausting him. We watched this movie, with him snuggled between us. He slept until 7am.
Tonight after dinner we went for a long cycle. Little Man navigated. The {very} crisp air should have made him sleepy once we were in. It did but…

Hell to the no!

10pm is the new 8?


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  • Anne says:

    The crisp air didn’t do it? Dammit. I am tired just reading about all of your busy-ness. Everything with kids is a phase…maybe this is one, too?? [I hope…]

  • Auntie Gail says:

    Can Minh swim with a bubble? Maybe some pool time? I know the boys would eat like crazy after swimming and then crash out hard…. do you guys have access to a pool?

  • Sarah says:

    All that running and no rest! Hope you all get some sleep soon. ((((hugs)))) Love the pink twees!

  • emily says:

    ahhh haaa! i am with little man..sleep is overrated:)

  • Christine says:

    I. Feel. Your. Pain.

    I wish we lived near each other… we could both be exhausted together. You would understand why I wanted my kid to play with yours but had no energy to keep up adult banter. Right?! :-)

  • Alison says:

    All the pink bloemen everywhere these days are such a joy!

    I’m pretty worn out with all the cleaning and repair work, so you have my sympathy!

  • klarobinson215 says:

    gorgeous blooms… but bad sleep issue! I’ll hang out with you and C, A had me up quite a few times last night… and up at 6:30 this morning. Ughhh.

  • gayla says:

    Is he still taking a nap? When Abby began having trouble sleeping through the night, I cut out her nap and she was OUT all night long. Henry still takes a nap many days but he also misses them many days (especially on the weekends) and he is so tired at night on the missed nap days. I can definitely tell when he takes a nap at school because he does not sleep as long at night.

    Hang in there!! It does (eventually) pass.

  • Grenda says:

    I shouldn’t admit this, but I’m gonna. Sadie’s bedtime is generally between 9:30 and 10p. By the time we get home, play a bit, have a bath, cook and eat dinner, and wind down, it’s easily 9:30p. I’m lucky though. She’ll sleep till 9 or 9:30a if I let her! (I have to wake her at 8a on workdays) Never been an early waker, which suits her night owl mommy just fine!

  • Kelli K says:

    Let me know if you figure out the sleep thing…I need help!

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