April 19, 2010 § 9 Comments

Nobody in this house got much sleep last night. One person was tossing & turning & wanted to be up. It wasn’t me & it wasn’t Hans.

Little Man & I took a walk this morning to ‘find the pink twees‘.

{little man took this one. i think he’s got a good eye}

I don’t think about it much but when I am / we are sleep deprived it is incredibly harsh. What o what do you fellow sleep deprived people do to get through?

Positive of sleep deprivation: the colors of the twees are a bit more vivid.


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  • Anne says:

    Those are some beeeeautiful twees!! Oh, the sleep. There really is nothing worse than not getting any. Nothing. I wish I had some helpful words to make it easier…some might say caffeine. But I say water, water and more water. Don’t know why but it always makes me feel more alive ;)

  • Kelli K says:

    As you know, I am right there with you. These boys and their conspiracies :). So I have my students working on a project and I am…reading a few blogs drinking nice, dark, unsweetened ice tea. I should be good for another 2 hours or so but this afternoon may not be pretty.

  • Auntie Gail says:

    I agree with Anne, that water is probably the best bet for clarity without the crash. That or a Nanny! (Kidding of course).

    {Forgot to tell you, they did give me a lovely farewell dinner last Sunday night, replete w/ gifts and a wine toast and “WE MISS YOU SOO MUCH!” This before the “HELP” call. I’ll do my best to keep the boundaries in tact.}

    Minh’s photo is berry bee U tee ful. : )

  • mimilam says:

    Sleep Deprived!It must be the Sping Fever, and the little Man just loves strolling with his Mama,taking gorgeous spring blossoms, rather than sleeping, hahaha…Just dosed yourself with plenty of coffee, sweet tea and some yummy cookies, while hoping for the sleepness period pass, very soon.

  • Rebecca says:

    Ah, sleep deprivation. So sorry. I can’t say I do well with it. In fact, in reading your comments I thought, “must remember WATER”. Last night was long–but that’s because Lya’s sick. Yuck. Hope you all sleep better tonight. Love the beautiful trees–and especially little Man’s photo.

  • gayla says:

    Oh goodness. You know I have been there with my little man. I agree with others that drinking water (or green tea) works best for me on the day after those sleepless nights. The other thing I do is to make sure Henry is worn out during the day. Lots of hikes, lots of playgrounds, and lots of activity make for a wonderfully tired out little guy.

    Wow – the pictures are beautiful!!

  • Christine says:

    I do the exact opposite of all these smart people… I drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. And complain to anyone who will listen. :-) We also visit a local toy store when I *really* need the break. The small shop will keep him entertained for _hours_ and I can usually escape with just a small $4 truck!

  • Lunicko says:

    My yoga teacher once showed us an exercise and told us that if you do it for 5 minutes you’ll feel as if you have been asleep for 2-3 hours. I try to explain it in English (I guess I wouldn’t be better explaining it in German): Sit down on your lower legs, make yourself really small, bent your upper part of the body forward, make two fists and rest your head on your fists. I never really tried it out – a colleague did but she wasn’t too happy with the result :-(
    And as I’m not allowed to drink too much coffeine/teine at the moment I stick to Ovomaltine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ovomaltine and make myself believe that it really helps ;-)

  • Elizabeth says:

    Nothing worse really. One becomes someone else with no sleep. I have been sleepless also because of an ear infection and for some reason Booty hasn’t been sleeping well either. I wonder if it is a growth thing.

    I think hydrating and conscious slow breathing is good to do.

    Hope you get some sleep very soon.

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