April 9, 2010 § 9 Comments

{our little urban garden}

On Tuesday late afternoon I sent Hans a text saying I felt, ‘a little funny’.

By 8pm Hans informed me that he felt, ‘a little funny’.

By 10pm our abode became a House of Horrors with both of us writhing in pain & here is where I leave out details.


By 11pm…let’s just say that Hans & I each had our own floor of the house & were living our own special little hells.

We determined that it must be food poisoning {although we are still not sure from what} or some odd germ that made it’s way into our bodies.

{more pretty}

The only 2 clear recollections I have between midnight & 3 am are: looking at Hans standing at the top of the attic stairs {guestroom} under a yellowish light looking like death warmed over saying, ‘if you vomit, it gets better’. Yeah. & 2 hearing Hans call his mom asking her to be at our house in the morning. I think the conversation lasted about 10 seconds. Bless her. She took a 2 hour train ride & was here by 8am.

Little Man slept through it all & had a fantastic day with Oma. Hans & I were completely useless all of yesterday.

Clearly we need to stop being vegetarians, start gorging on processed food & screw all forms of exercise. Maybe then we will stay healthy.

{this is a plastic crow. he is strapped onto our balcony railing on the 3d floor to scare away the pigeons who crap on the railing. so far it seems to be working. I am still trying to embrace his presence}

This morning I went to my yoga class & made myself believe that it would cure all of my ills. It seemed to work at the time. Now though, I’m feeling a bit wrecked.

uhm. Happy Friday..xox

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