March 18, 2010 § 4 Comments

could it be…spring?
waiting for our little balcony tree to bloom


We seem to have been hit by a nasty head cold again. Read: Me. Is this number 4? I think so!
Yesterday I was in my pajamas until 15 minutes before Hans & I left for an appointment. I did manage to dress Little Man in a bright green shirt & off to creche he went.
St. Patrick’s Day is not really a big deal here; unless you find yourself surrounded by Americans, British or Irish expats in an Irish bar. It wasn’t until I was almost in college that I actually had a beer on that holiday. I went to an Irish Catholic school and so…we went to Mass. My mum made the most delicious barmbrack the night before so we would have it in the morning & we would each get a little pot of clover for the sill. On the weekend we would go to the parade. & there’s nothing like a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston! Those crazy kids. For dinner it was stew {& as always, mum was kind enough to make a veggie portion for me ;)} Corned beef & cabbage…Never. My dad had not ever eaten it & had no idea what it was until he arrived in the States. Too polite to say anything to my mother’s family {uhm mostly all Italian immigrants} who diligently made it for him the first few years on St. Patrick’s Day, he finally asked my mother why they insisted on it. He much preferred my grandmother’s homemade gnocchi. Funny, huh?


Don’t forget the little game!!!



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  • Rebecca says:

    We’re looking for signs of spring, too. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally noticed a few today. :)
    Love hearing your St. Patrick’s day traditions.

  • Auntie Gail says:

    Hello my Irish Lass : )
    I’m sticking with my original guesses of
    bike helmets or actual bikes. Is that weird?

    Here it IS spring yesterday and today!! Amazing to go out without a coat and scarf!! …. and breeeaaathe.

  • lookingforlulu says:

    i have been looking for spring everywhere. it makes my heart race when i see spring buds!

  • Kelli K says:

    So ready for spring!! Hope the headcolds get better!

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