February 3, 2010 § 8 Comments

{yo-yo mania…all coming together to what i hope will be a lovely pillow cover}

& a question

I have a meter each of above. It’s beautiful-amazing-wonderful traditional indigo fabric from Japan…but I don’t know what to do with it. So…please tell me:

receiving blanket
set of 4 napkins

Whatever it becomes, one side will be of the solid & the other of the print.

Or if you have another thought, let me know!

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  • Christine says:

    Oooo… scarf!! Or receiving blanket.

    OR or or…

    I don’t really know. :-(

    But it’s so beautiful…

  • Alison says:

    I’d go for scarf or napkins, since they’d get the most use and thus the most enjoyment of such beautiful fabric.

  • beckarecka says:

    I ran that list through my head three times and each time I landed on an item I’d look at the fabric and go “ooooh.” Not much help. But I will say maybe a scarf or napkins because it will have a longer life–most receiving blankets eventually are outgrown and put away. I do love beautiful napkins. But I also love a beautiful scarf. Hmm. Can’t wait to see. If it is a scarf you’ll have to model it. :)

  • Auntie Gail says:

    Table runner or place mats?

    short panel (s) for window covering…. loops at top?

    Such pretty fabric!!!

  • Lunicko says:

    Hi, I think the fabric would look beautiful as a receiving blanket for a little baby boy :-)
    My yoga teacher once told us that babies love indigo and that this colour calms them down because it reminds them of the light they saw when they were still inside their mums.
    Do you have a new password? May you send it to me?

  • Donna says:

    I like the set of four napkins. They would be beautiful!

  • Jill says:

    Not knowing anything about fabric I think they would make beautiful placemats espically since you can just flip them over for a new look. However I don’t know if a meter is enough lol

  • kelly says:

    scarf…. or receiving blanket! LOVE it. OR a camera strap cover special order for me!! I’ll pay you top dollar! :-)

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