January 18, 2010 § 10 Comments

I feel like I’m trapped in hell- jet lag is kicking my tush hard. & what makes it more fun? Being an emotional blobby mess {which includes being terribly homesick, cornering Hans at some point & sobbing all over him – this part is like a broken record for me with every trip}, trying to settle back to a normal routine, square away what I need to do in the studio, mail out a bunch of orders, clean, plan meals, get ready for our Tet celebration, laundry & play with Little Man. & the soundtrack to all of this is a very annoying children’s song called ‘Dikkertje Dap‘, which keeps playing over & over & over again in my head. I’m whining.

I’m anxious to get back to work Wednesday; have already got a list of things to do & started 2 small new things which, if they come out the way I hope, will be very sweet!

While in the US I came across some lovely vintage crochet & needle work at an antique shop in Salem. What to do, what to do…

{handpieced applique & stitching}

{my grandmother had this kind of thing all over her house}

{these are keepers! directly onto a wall in my kitchen :) }

& please click the button on the right: Crafthope for Haiti & check out the shop. It’s doing incredibly well already! All proceeds are going to Doctors without Borders working in Haiti. If you have something to donate, do. I did earlier & it’s very easy. The details are HERE as is code for the button.


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  • Gayla says:

    Oh jet lag. It makes every emotion that much closer to the surface. I hope you get back to a normal routine soon.

    Very lovely finds you made in Salem!!

  • Christine says:

    Oh girl… please feel free to whine. I think every emotion you are feeling now is more than justified! Hugs. It will get better soon…

  • hiking mama says:

    Glad you are home. I can’t imagine the range of emotions that must accompany that…

    Thanks for letting us know about the etsy store. I will definitely donate an item today!!

  • Rebecca says:

    Hang in there. And whine all you want! (Great antique store finds!)

  • Gina says:

    I hope your studio work helps you settle in more quickly. Lovely finds!

  • melissa says:

    Oh man the jet lag going east is a bear…hang in there and cry your eyeballs out if you need to! Oh and do you know the yoga pose where you put your butt to the wall with your legs going straight up the wall(I think it’s literally called legs up the wall)? It’s suppose to be great for jet lag :-)

  • Nicki says:

    Isn’t re-entry a b*tch? It is always so so hard. It always sneaks up on you. Even without jetlag to add to it, it is just hard.

  • Kelli K says:

    I can’t imagine how bittersweet those first few days home must be. Jet lag doesn’t help! Hang in there.

  • lisette says:

    Hope you feel better (jet lag speaking)! Love the crochet and embroidery work! So lovely.
    Good that you are back!

  • klarobinson215 says:

    Oh no… jet lag be gone!
    I tried to donate an item to the cause, but they have stopped taking donations. Hopefully in another week. Such a great cause.

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