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Tomorrow we fly to warm weather where Hans is waiting for us! I can’t wait to see him, we miss him sooooooo much. We’ll be celebrating the New Year with 2 of our best friends who just happen to be in the same Sunny Place for a short vaca from NY.

I am just about over my illness & can I just say: wow. This has been one hell of a nasty head cold. I managed to enjoy my time at home though- no problem indulging in yummy food & drinks! We went to a few big family/friend parties, I managed to get a good chunk of time in Boston & of course spend as much time as possible with Little Man’s 2 fairy godmommies. I love you both!

Little Man has been having an incredibly great time- the attention, the spoils, the nonstop looooooooooove by some very doting folks ;)

Even though we are going to be in the US for 2 more weeks, & my parents will be joining us in a few days, I am already feeling sad about leaving my little homestate. Walking around Boston made me so nostalgic; & the things I have always loved about it got to be too much.

One of my favorite moments was while I was sitting on a crowded T just before Christmas & suddenly a group of about 25 young people throughout the train started singing a beautiful hymn. Of course this doesn’t happen all the time & Bostonians are known for being a bit curmudgeonly, but it was nice. It was cold & snowy but there were plenty of bright blue skies which only made the city look more beautiful. & the smells, sounds & streets of Chinatown…sigh.

I was overwhelmed by that certain feeling of being someplace surrounded by people who have known me forever. At a particular gathering we went to on saturday I really felt it. Being in a room with folks who have loved me for years, who I miss, who are a part of some of my oldest memories. They indulged my little boy & showered him with such genuine affection I couldn’t help but feel incredibly blessed to have them in my life.

I struggle to reconcile these feelings every time I am here & it’s nothing new to Hans. I already feel sorry that he will have to deal with those first few days after my return to Holland of me being an emotional buzz kill…Coming off the high of being home, speaking & hearing English all of the time & that bit of feeling just a tad more me.

My home is where my boys are & god knows we have a good life, good friends & I love living in the EU, but there are always pangs of missing, missing, missing.


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  • Alison says:

    I haven’t been back to the States since we moved. I’m curious how it will feel, especially since it will probably be a while still before I go back.

    I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy your visit, even through the head cold. Enjoy every moment and make the most of it!

  • Christine says:

    I can’t even imagine how you feel… I feel some of that when I go to my home state… and that’s not an ocean away! This makes me crave some walking time around Boston. I’ve been in recently… but not for trekking to all those little spots that make Boston… well, “Boston.” You know?!

  • gayla says:

    I have traveled outside of the U.S. many times but the longest amount of time I was gone at one time was for one month. I remember how great it felt just to be back where English was spoken all the time. And then add getting back to family, friends and all that was familiar.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in the warm sunny place!! And I hope one of these trips our paths will cross.

  • emily says:

    love how you said ‘home is where my boys are’..so true.
    but it must be painful too.
    glad you have had a good long visit.

  • Katherine says:

    I’m sorry you were so sick but I’m glad that it’s been a great visit so far. I hope the next 2 weeks are just as awesome (minus the illness!).

    Home is wherever the heart is, and that can even be more than one place.

  • Kelli K says:

    I can’t imagine how hard it is to leave…enjoy your time in the sun!

  • lisette says:

    Glad you feel better (in terms of having a cold)!! Nice to read about your moment with the singing people.. Can imagine that was nice.
    And I gues I can’t imagine how you feel torned between two continents.. But I know that the ‘missing’ feeling isn’t nice.. Hope you can be in the ‘present’ for the time you are still there. Enjoy as much as you can.
    (and for now: Have a great new years evening and already all the best for 2010!!)

  • Auntie Gail says:

    You give me pause and a lot to ponder about how much I do take for granted here, not making nearly enough of the proximity to ‘town’ as we North-of- Beantown-ers like to call it.

    I’m so glad you had time to enjoy your original city this season Ker, and as far as all that goes, just think, one day you’ll be living back in good ole Mass and it may be Holland you are pining for! But lucky you, home is so many places for the O’Reilly Dekker clan. Sometimes it takes living away to have eyes for all we’ve been blessed with.

    I hope your time in the sun with your fellas is the BEST is can possibly be. THANK YOU for the pics
    of little man opening up his gift from us!!!

    Hello and a great big ‘WELCOME’!! to Hans.

    xoxo Luv U.

  • Julie says:

    It must be so hard and at the same time wonderful to have two places to call home.

  • kacesq says:

    Glad you are feeling better!!!

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