December 23, 2009 § 3 Comments

{saturday / sunday}

Recovering from this nasty cold
Wandering around Salem
Thinking about going to the beach eeeeearly one morning to take some pics
Little Man is picking up new words everyday
Can’t wait to see my other oldest friend ever
Found the lovliest antique crochet lace
Tea party with my little boy
Mindless & friendly chitchat with people I do not know
Whole Foods
Whole Foods
Whole Foods
My crazy yet loveable family
Little Man so excited about his outing to see a park full of lights dripping all over the trees last night with Nana & Grandpa
We will see Hans in less than one week
& MB&R
& warm, sunny weather
Julie & Julia with my mum last night {very good!}
Copious amounts of cheerios {for me!}
& more


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  • Alison says:

    I hope you’re fully on the mend, but it certainly sounds like you’re having a good time with or without a cold.
    I’m slightly envious of the all-English all-the-time aspect. ;)

  • Auntie Gail says:

    I’m glad you were free to WANDER all around!! Especially in Boston!! Yeah, that’s home : ) And you should definitely take some early morning photos at the beach.

    See you later on!!!!

  • Christine says:

    Wonderful. Just wonderful. Every little bit.

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