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Little Man doesn’t watch much television & what we do have for him is strictly from dvds. We are obsessed with him not seeing any advertising so he never watches live tv, which we don’t have anyway. He catches a few episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine– one in English, one in Dutch; & every week an animated film on Sunday late morning with Papa. But he does like the very strange Oswald. Do you know Oswald? If so, imagine him & his odd assortment of friends speaking Dutch. There is one particular episode he is crazy about that involves marshmallows & hot cocoa. The other night we surprised him with hot cocoa and one marshmallow for each of us. Although he was excited & plopped one in his cup, he looked at us like we were crazy when we encouraged him to eat it :) He finally did & thought it was yummy.

{yes, the Great American marshMELLOW– barbeque style (not flavored thank god)! waaaah???}

As amusing as

{not american style, but big americans hmmmm & yes, that is corn & peas combined with some sort of sliced meat}

I have had the cheese version & actually, it’s pretty okay as far as frozen pizza goes. I just find the packaging interesting. Big Americans! Crispy outside & soft inside! Yaaaaaaay!!! So is this the impression we give? {& no, that is not a shot of our freezer ;)}


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  • Christine says:

    Ooo… Oswald is cute!!

    Now I must go gag while I think of BBQ style marshmEllows…

  • Kerry says:

    Thankfully not BBQ flavored…

  • jenna says:

    omg…so funny!

  • gayla says:

    Pizza with peas and carrots – ewwwww. And bbq flavored marshmallows (though I kind of like the way they spell them) – more ewwww.

    Very funny (ok, and a little sad) Big Americans name.

  • Nicki says:

    FUNNY! Corn and pea pizza sounds AWFUL!!!

  • Monique says:

    Thank goodness they haven’t visited Texas because everything is BIG in Texas. I remember seeing the giant jellybean in a souvenir store in San Antonio. The veggies on the pizza wouldn’t fool my kids though ;-)

  • Miriam says:

    I was about to say that I’d hate to see what depictions of Texas would turn out like there but, ::sigh:: another commenter already made the everything’s-bigger-in-Texas comment. Stereotypes are funny things.

  • Peas and corn on PIZZA!!! What…

  • Lisa says:

    OH, LOL

    I’m almost afraid to scratch too far beneath the surface of that pizza box and double meanings! Ha!

    What a hoot!

    We limit TV too and sometimes when I say that I collect a few raised eyebrows, but our 7 yr. old now generally picks TV last on a list of things to do, so its been worth every weird look!

    You go Mama!!

    Course we do allow a bit of Elmo from time to time & Thomas will come too I am sure!! :)

  • Elizabeth says:

    I laughed when I read the Big American bit. Yes! I too am a big American. On the MRT in Singapore I feel like a giant!

    Sorry about the hair episode. Yes this has happened to me and it is horrible. And you can’t fix it right away! So you have to walk around feeling like a dope!

    We don’t have tv either, (as if you didn’t know) but are more than slightly obsessed with Totoro and Ponyo, (Miyazaki). Booty talks about the characters quite a bit which is embarassing for me (at the Steiner school) because of my constant tirades against “screen time” heh heh!

    Oh. And I like corn on my pizza.

  • Alison says:

    Living with an Italian, I haven’t looked that closely at the frozen pizzas here (I think he’d have a heart attack at the thought), so I had no idea that they put corn and peas on them! I love corn and peas, though, so I might not mind it so much. ;)

  • Ken says:

    Too funny! I hear your struggles you know I do! Yeah I tried the pizza too. It will do. It will do

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