November 30, 2009 § 7 Comments

{belated thanks}

We spent the holiday with several other American (& one Canadian!)/Dutch families. All but two people were vegetarians so the table was full of the tastiest parts of Thanksgiving. I made a pecan pie from a recipe courtesy of this fellow American; I used brown rice syrup instead of corn & it seemed to work just fine, mashed potatoes with 3 whole heads of roasted garlic & cranberry-orange sauce. Everyone made something delicious :)

That’s it.

In other news: it has been raining for 7 days straight here. I have only a vague recollection of the sun God help me. November in Holland is…trying. Flights are cheap! Care to visit?



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  • Alison says:

    Such cute photos!

    My dog and I are getting cabin fever, so while it’s not raining this morning *knock on wood* I think we’re going to head out for a walk while we’ve got the chance.

  • Auntie Gail says:

    Love the photo strip.
    God you guys are beeee au ti ful.

    Minh is just changing before our very eyes.
    Can’t wait to see him in 3D sooooon!!!!


  • lisette says:

    That sounds like a great thanksgiving! Great picture of you and Minh!
    It would be great if you participate a small ‘raising money by exchanging gifts’ for World Aids Day and spread the word! See my blog.
    * liset

  • gayla says:

    Love the super cute photos!!

    And your veggie Thanksgiving sounds so yummy. I hope the rain stops soon. I get stir crazy after just a couple days of rain.

  • Christine says:

    Love that series of photos! Love love love.

  • Julie says:

    What precious Mommy and Minh photos!

    November in Holland sounds similar to the Northwest. I think we had at least a 7 day stretch of rain too. We’re in a dry stretch now, and it sure makes everything seem brighter. I hope the rain stops for you soon!

  • Kelli K says:

    wonderful pics! If I didn’t work, Aiden and I would so be up for a visit! A little rain can’t slow me down- but I know how dreary it can be day after day after day.

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