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If you would like to see exactly how $500 of the $1,280 raised via Mothers in Action for Vietnam was used to fund a mobile clinic which saw and treated over 500 people, please read more below the cut. It’s well worth a few minutes, I promise.

The remainder of what was raised will go towards the corrective facial surgery of an infant; once he is 8 months old.

& as of last night, we have raised almost $500 for Children of Vietnam Mending Hearts & Parasite Reduction programs– with the $500 match promised by one donor, that is $1,000.

Don’t forget to…



September 19th, 2009

Expedition #87

I.  Objectives:

To provide free general health care services and medication for needy families and children who are living in the poor and remote areas in Vietnam and to identify cases (heart surgery, corrective surgery, chronic diseases) for referrals and long term care because of serious medical needs.

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II. Background and problems:

Quang Vinh Commune is about 40 km from Hue city and is one of the poorest communes of Quang Dien District of Thua Thien Hue Province.  There are about 915 households; among them are 280 poor ones.  Realizing the difficulties and the urgent need of villagers for adequate health care, FHF financed the Mobile Clinic Program in this commune on the 19th of September 2009.

III.  Sponsorship:


Amount of donation: $500 USD

IV.  Planning:

Before the trip took place, the in-country representative of FHF, Mrs. Nhi, submitted the necessary documents to the Competent Authority of Health Public Department, Foreign Affairs Department, and Red Cross Association of Thua Thien Hue to inform of the trip MCP 87.  She also met with the local authorities of Quang Dien District, Quang Vinh Commune to plan for implementation of the program.  Quanh Vinh’s authorities would be responsible for identifying 500 needy people in the villages of the commune and delivering them the medical ticket in advance.  Quang Vinh also agreed to send two officers who will co-operate with FHF in order to guarantee safety for the medical team and the patients.

The medical team was comprised of 10 members including 4 voluntary doctors and 1 pharmacist, all of whom have much experience working for Hue Central Hospital and another hospital in Hue, 1 FHF staff and 2 FHF volunteers. To guarantee the integrity of the medications given, the medicines were purchased in Hue City.  The final preparation was to rent a car with 16 seats to travel to clinic location.

Participants in medical trip:

1/ Le Thi Huynh Sa               Doctor

2/ Hoàng Thị Tâm  Doctor

3/ Bui Thi Khanh Ty         Doctor

4/ Tran Thi Bich Chau        Doctor

5/ Nguyễn Thị Tảo            Pharmacist

6/ Nguyen Huu Binh               (FHF Staff)

7/ Julian Chung   (FHF Volunteer)

8/ Ai Vuong    (FHF Volunteer)

V. Implementation:

The medical team started off at 7am on the 19th of September 2009 in Hue and arrived by car after 65 minutes to Quang Vinh Commune. The clinic was organized in building of the Infirmary of Quang Vinh Commune.  At 8:15am the medical examinations began.  Every patient who came for examination was provided one medical ticket in advance and conducted to enter the exam room by local officers.  After finishing the medical examination, each moved to the nearby pharmacy to receive free medication for their clinical diagnosis. Even with the help and co-operation from the local officers, the patients were impatient to enter the clinic and jostled each other in line.  However, the enthusiasm of the medical team diffused potential chaos and the clinic was carried out smoothly with the following results:

During one day, we examined and distributed medicine to a total of 520 patients.

Diseases/Health Conditions Cases Diagnosed in Children Cases Diagnosed in Adults
Helminthiasis 231 4
Arthritis 14 28
Disordered digestion 10 6
Bronchitis, Sore throat 29 30
Lung Disease 0 1
Skin 37 7
Sore eyes or toothache 30 8
Nutritional deficiency 57 20
High blood pressure 0 52
Vestibular disorder 0 9
Disorders of alimentary tract 8 6
Nervous disorder 5 30
To have a sore  head 12 20
Others 7 8
Total 400 229

*Refer to attached Excel Worksheet for more detailed data on conditions diagnosed.

All diagnoses of diseases and conditions were made clinically.

Helminthiasis was diagnosed by Doctors Sa and Ty.

Bronchitis was diagnosed by Doctors Tuan and Chau.

Cardiovascular diseases were diagnosed by Doctors Tam and Sa.

Skin conditions were diagnosed by symptoms on patient’s skin, typically manifesting the following: eczecma, dermatophyte ( nấm da ), scabies, pruritus, spotted scabies, weeping scabies, filarial itch, favus.

Lung diseases was diagnosed by Doctors Tam, Ty and Sa through symptoms declared by the patients, taking measurement of blood pressure, and listening to respiratory sounds.  However, it is difficult to distinguish between lung diseases and cardiovascular diseases without performing additional tests.  Therefore, if there were patients suspected of these diseases, they were introduced to Hue Central Hospital or another test laboratory in TT _ Hue for further medical testing. Test results will be sent to the patient and FHF.  Typical diseases include the following: pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis.

Nutritional deficiency diagnoses were made by doctors through:

1. In children:

– Checking weight and height, comparing with age, checking fat layer under the skin, color of skin, eye…

2. In adults:

– Checking color of skin, eye, weight…

Fibrosistis and arthritis were diagnosed by symptoms declared by patients and shown on patients’ bodies.

Finally, 0 cases of serious medical conditions that need referrals and long term care were discovered.  1 case was referred to Hue Central Hospital for additional testing.

VI.  Financial summary:

Cost of buying medicine for distribution 6,046,700 VND
Honorariums for participating doctors and pharmacist 1,250,000 VND
Cost of hiring a 16-seat car 800,000 VND
Cost of drinking and lunch 470,000 VND
Cost of copying medical ticket, making clinic banner, medicine bags 146,000 VND
Total: 8,712,700 VND

(489.5USD,                       1USD = 17.800 VND)

Report compiled by:

Duong Quynh Nhi

FHF In-Country Representative

Hue City

September 23rd, 2009


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