October 5, 2009 § 9 Comments

I’ve put myself on notice…I’m not allowed to buy one more skein of yarn until I have exhausted what I already have. Which means…

{many, many granny squares}

{wait- this one is better}

& still this:


& then there is the big box of fabric scrap. Oy. What to do with that? I would love to think I have the patience to make a big quilt but I fear I may not.

I know many of you have the same things lying around. What are you doing with it all?

ps: please pass this on



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  • Christine says:

    I’m guffawing over here… mostly because I am “on notice” as well. And then I purchased two skeins of alpalca (why can’t I spell that?) yarn.

    I’m using the “why did I buy this again?” yarn (as well as my scraps) for hats for the homeless. And I am TRYING to finish my eighteen projects. Oh, and Spencer totally raided my yarn the other day and had a blast. Some had to be sacrificed (the knots were too much) but I figure it was worth it…

    Wow this comment is getting long. Lastly, I love that afghan… hmmm…

  • dana says:

    my fabric and yarn (and sewing machine) are packed in the closet … sigh. someday i will finish that %$£@ing quilt i started so long ago ….

  • dana says:

    ps LOVE that blanket!!

  • Sarah says:

    do I spy a Barbapapa???? we love those books!

  • beckarecka says:

    I am constantly thinking of projects to use up the pieces….if only I could find the chunks of time to follow through. (oh, and getting my machine fixed will help, too.) Love your colors. As for small pieces of fabric–I’ve done several quilts from scraps and a lot of my ideas are tied to more quilts. But a few years back I made some great fabric coasters using small scraps of fabric. This weekend I was thinking about getting serious about knitting or crocheting this winter–and then I remembered all of my half done projects and figured I’d put that idea on hold.

  • Auntie Gail says:

    Old Macdonald had a granny square farm…. eeyi eeyi oooohhhh!!!!!

    I’m still trying to learn how to turn around for the next row… sortof. 2 short crochet lessons last winter from my sister and still I’m ALL THUMBS. ; /

    Oh well, eventually. Maybe. My hands and brain will click. Till then, I’ll look at your works of art and dream : )

  • Elizabeth says:

    I use mine for doll clothes and bedding (tiny pillows and blankets). Also bean bags. The tiniest pieces I use for stuffing and patches on clothing. What about a big pocket lady apron filled with your magic?

    Your blog is one never-ending inspiration.

  • klarobinson215 says:

    So much restraint! And a Barbapapa!!! I loved those characters as a child!

  • I’ve given myself the same notice! Although it’s really tempting… with the cool weather on its way, I have been working on lots of baby socks and booties, and even managed to make munchkin a striped sweater using leftover bits of wool. I’m afraid I haven’t made much of a dent in my stash though… as for fabric, you could always do a baby/kid’s quilt as a “trial run” to see if you really want to tackle a full size quilt.

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