July 18, 2009 § 5 Comments

{welcomed back by….rain}

We made it back in one piece! Wow- so after a gazillion flights, it has finally sunk in that when you fly with a baby, gone are the days of reading a book or listening to your ipod. Little Man was really good- he knows the drill! But oy*oy*oy talk about being on for the duration. Overall it was uneventful except for the flight attendant who told me that I needed to set an example for my son because he was barefoot. He did not like that. Okay guy, whatevah.

We were so happy to see Hans! It feels good to be together again- we missed him horribly!!!! That helps the weird blah-homesickness I will inevitably have for the next few days. He is always patient while I get my bearings & go through an everythinginhollandsucks mood. Which of course isn’t true, it’s just me missing my other home. I love our house, our cats my studio. I wish I could transplant everything & us here & there to one perfect spot in the middle.

Little Man & I have jetlag of course. We crashed out as soon as we got home which was probably a mistake but it felt great! Then he was AWAKE for real from 1130 – 3am. The three of us went for a walk & could we find one open bar in our hood at 1230? No. The students are gone for the summer so some places close by 1 which we wouldn’t usually care about but last night it was annoying. Oh well, we got some exercise :)

Now it’s saturday & we have already slipped into our weekend routine which is kind of nice.

ps: Lisette- thank you for the beautiful little package!!


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  • Christine says:

    ugh – jetlag. That’s such a pain! I hate not feeling “like myself.” I hope you are both over it soon!

    Glad you are back at “you other home” safe and sound! :-)

  • klarobinson215 says:

    Welcome home! Can’t believe the flight attendant… gesh.

  • Auntie Gail says:

    Congratulations on being past the hardest part. And thank you so much for the bubbleshare photos. Too sweet for words. Jim and I perused together : ) see email.

    We know reintegration is tough, but soon you’ll be feeling back to your old self. Life is very good and you 3 are very loved.


  • Chandra says:

    What’s with the flight attendant? I never wear my shoes on long plane rides, the first thing I do is take them off!

    Glad you made it home safe and sound. Totally relate to the heart in two places.

  • lisette says:

    You’re welcome! And welcome back!
    Glad the trip back went fine.

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