June 13, 2009 § 9 Comments

Yesterday was a pretty good studio day. I’m working out these new *travel rolls*- a bit frustrating but the initial ones came out okay I think. I am anxious to work on more because  I think I can do a few additional things to make them better :)

If you were to use one, how many pockets would you like? The first has 6, the bottom two, 3. They fit ipods, iphones, passports, travel docs, etc. & would velcro bum be a bummer? {I’m partial to snaps, I think they look better}


{i’m addicted to *wonderland*}




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  • Christine says:

    I saw these last night on Flickr (is that wrong?!) and almost spilled my wine everywhere in excitement!

    I showed hubby who immediately said… “oooh, passport case!”

    I owe you an email anyway (someone decided that sleeping was “out” and boycotted for a little bit there) so I’ll give my full unsolicited download in there (I’m all about these things) but I would purchase the 3 pocket one and would not be bummed about velcro at all. I’m usually struggling just to keep tabs on everything so velcro would be easier for me at the security checks, etc. Personal thing.

    And, I think that these would make awesome newlywed gifts (his and hers) for those traveling overseas or on cruises… awesome “travel call” gifts (or referral)… college graduation gifts… so neat!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Wow. I wanted to make my girl a surprise “travel roll” but ran out of time, (little treats, gifts in each pocket). Instead I packed her mini-backpack with lots of pretty tiny bags filled with things to play with on the long flight home.

    I bow down to your travel rolls.

    They remind me a little of the Waldorf crayon cases that we make our first graders.

    Happy Wandering!

  • Rebecca says:

    They are simply beautiful. They make me want to travel somewhere! I am one to use whatever pockets are available and you seem to have thought of the most pertinent things. Oh-and I always seem to be refining anything I make…there always seems to be something that can be tweaked to work better. These look pretty perfect and I would love the snaps as well.

  • Auntie Gail says:

    Partial to snaps as velcro seems to get tattery (is that a word?) after a while. And I like the security of snaps.

    They’re be au ti ful!

    Your store is filling up with such unique and visually appealing items. It’s a pleasure to watch!


  • joyce and jeff says:

    I love these! I used to have one my grammy gave me that was all satin and very 1960’s. It had one pocket that was a zipper for any items you need to super secure, like jewelry or something. And I too would buy one with snaps over velcro. :)
    Gorgeous work!

  • Julie says:

    I love those! You are so creative. Definitely snaps!

  • lisette says:

    Ohhhh Kerryanne, those are amazing!!! I love these!! They are perfect and the fabric is so cool!

  • dana says:

    i love these and may (read:will) order one from you. we have many passports – each of the kids have two (korean and us) and it’s a lot to keep track of.

  • Gayla says:

    Wow! I love these!! I would love to buy them – the fabrics are incredible.

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