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June 3, 2009 § 19 Comments

{new cushion covers for Little Man’s playroom- fabric is from Japan :) }

& more up @ etsy with pockets {also Japan}:


& my current favorite fabric *wonderland* by Momo:

& new bunting:


I’m really excited about going to the States in a few weeks to see friends & family! I’d like to spread the love by giving away any one item from my etsy site. If you are interested, please leave a comment telling me all about what your favorite thing to do is if you have one whole day to yourself. That’s not how you win, I’m just curious! Next wednesday I’ll pull someone’s name. Lurkers welcome ;)



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  • klarobinson215 says:

    I LOVE wonderland fabric!
    Hmm… what my fav thing to do if I had the whole day to myself
    – wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee with no interuptions
    – putter around the garden
    – eat an uninterupted lunch
    – do some sewing and read some of my fav book
    – enjoy a good book and a glass of wine
    – watch a movie and perhaps enjoy a second glass of wine ;)
    – go to bed…
    ahhh – that might just happen in another 18 years…

  • Carissa says:

    One WHOLE day would be amazing!

    I would sleep late, and sew sew sew and then have lunch our with friends and then shop for what I don’t know – any shopping trip without the kids would be amazing then dinner by myself at my favorite restaurant with a good book and then home to read and write for a few hours…then check on the kids as I would have missed them so much and to bed to get some sleep for the next day as the kids would cling a lot the next day

  • laura says:

    A day at the beach with a book, an umbrella, cherry limeade, and meals brought to me without having to plan them.

  • Auntie Gail says:

    Ideally it would be raining a little….coffee, books, then it would clear for a Whole Foods shop, lunch, nap, more books, dinner with wine, bed. Yup. That ’bout sums it right up!!! : )

    I do not intend to enter myself for the gift giveaway, I simply feel lucky that we will have you and the muffin here soon!!

    Love Aunty G.

  • Christine says:

    Gosh, I’m feeling like a broken record… but I’m drooling over those photos above!

    If I had a whole day to myself…
    pedicure, beach, books, mojitos, dinner overlooking the bay, bed.

    Now, if it were to happen sometime soon – I’d just say SLEEP! :-)

  • baileygp says:

    OMG…a whole day to myself?! Heaven! I’d sleep in, get a mani/pedi, watch some of the 80 shows on my Tivos, go to a movie by myself and go out for sushi.

    So fun that you’re having a giveaway. I wish you were coming to my side of the states. Sadie and I would love to see you guys again. One day!

  • Kelli K says:

    Hmmm..one whole day. I’d want it to be on a warm, sunny day. I would sleep late and lounge on the couch. Then I would go to the pool (or beach if there was one nearby) and read a book, take a nap. Dinner with friends, a movie would end the day!

  • thebenshow says:

    i love your work! I am excited to work with you and Lauren on this new project!

  • Erin says:

    I would sleep in late – at least 10 am! (I’m a new mom, so sleep is at a premium for me right now.)

    Then I’d eat something decadent for breakfast, like eggs benedict. I’d read a book, something I rarely get to do now that I have a baby. I’d go for a walk and take the baby on a photo safari, posing him with silly things. Then I’d go out for a nice dinner with my husband and leave the baby with a sitter. At dinner, I’d enjoy a glass of red wine.

    Ah, how little I appreciated all my free time when I didn’t have kids!

    I really love your buntings. I might have to order one for my little Ollie’s nursery.

  • Cris says:

    I think I’d head to a museum, and spend as long as I wanted in front of each painting. Then I’d walk over to a bookstore and slowly browse, buying as many books as I could carry — right over to a tapas place I love. After a relaxing lunch, I’d go home for a nap in the hammock, and wake up in time to order takeout – so I wouldn’t have to cook! I’m going to make this day happen soon!

  • Lunicko says:

    I feel blessed because last weekend I just had a wonderful day on my own! We discovered two beautiful pieces of furniture by chance at Ikea on Saturday (former items on display, with 75 % reduction and without any flaws), disassembled them successfully outside Ikea to fit them into our small car :-) and then I had the whole Sunday for myself to built up the new furniture, redecorate the whole living room (finally remove old furniture from the time when I was 14) which looks wonderful now! And I found some old videos that I watched afterwards before I fell asleep dead tired. Slept in on Monday and spent lots of time reading in bed. Wonderful weekend!

  • maimoona says:

    Lovely fabrics and more lovely are Little Minh and his mom.
    Whole day to myself, I would sleep in late, have my delicious cereals and watch some TV, read few magazine, go to the mall and walk aimlessly, find a coffee shop and enjoy some hot drink, may cook a light dinner and than I want my family back :)

  • Sandra says:

    One whole day to myself – Go meet my best friend from Montreal at a SPA. Browse the shops and wonder the streets of Montreal. End up at a cafe for a cap. Finish the evening at YoYo restaurant with a nice wine chatting… Then drive up Mount Royal to see the Montreal night seen.

  • dana says:

    ooooh. those fabrics are gorgeous!!

    a whole day to myself?!

    sleep in
    long and leisurely breakfast at one of my fave cafes
    leisurely walk and shop
    chardonnay lunch with friends
    outside happy hour someplace fabulous
    movie with my man

  • lisette says:

    Of course… you’re probably dreaming of being in the States already! I can imagine!
    The cushions are beautiful!!! Love, love, love the pocket on it. And how great are the fabrics!
    I’m in on the give away.. Yeah! Hard to choose… Everything is so pretty. I gues I’m not a so much a cook.. ahhh, sorry no apron for cook-disaster liset. It would be a shame for the apron. The little sweaty butterfly is my favorite. Love that fabric.
    No kids (although with my bad cooking I could use a bib.. hihi) and I gues the shirt are to small. (make some for adults?? I know, children shop but it would be great..) so I’m going for the new bunting. My favorite Kitty Collage bunting. Such great fabric! Love the colors too.
    Oh and the bamboo is going great.. And me too, so the luck works!! Thanks again.
    Love liset.

  • terbear says:

    you know, It think I would like to make sure all my chores are done, and then SLEEEEEP….I never get enough sleep!
    do I sound like a total loser? sleep is a luxury, I am ALWAYS working, my business and family keep me so busy!
    so if I had a full day to myself, that is what I would do!

  • Laura says:

    I love all of the fabric!

    Hmmmm, I’d sleep late, get a pedicure, get a massage, read, take a nap, see a movie, and have dinner with a friend. A girl can dream, right?!

  • kirie says:

    Adorable! What a lucky little guy to have such sweet things for his room. Those prints just feed the imagination, I think. I am going to start work on a quilt this summer, and a good deal of the fabric is similar. What fun it is to dream up the ideas for our little ones, too, right?


  • E says:

    I love, love the flags!!!!

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