May 6, 2009 § 10 Comments

No, I’m not making Little Man a sundress & bloomers- this is actually a pattern for both a dress & a shorts/playsuit {which will be what I attempt- stressing the word attempt}. I found it at Oliver & S & was so smitten I decided I would give it a try. Posting about it is suposed to get me motived!


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  • Carissa says:

    Oh like a John John outfit! Too cute let me know how it turns out!

  • baileygp says:

    Oh my goodness…so cute!

  • beckarecka says:

    Oh my word. I literally was on the Oliver + S site yesterday considering these patterns. Hmm. So cute. Can’t wait to see the finished outfit! I didn’t end up purchasing. Instead I went into my pattern stash (inherited from my MIL from the 70s) and found a few to try. :)

  • Elizabeth says:

    How do you find these things!? I hope you will let us know how it goes. I can only sew really easy patterns but still I would love to see what it looks like.

    It looks like your readers are all over the map. I love this feature on your blog. Fun!

  • stollmyheart says:

    can’t wait to see!!!

  • Auntie Gail says:

    Ha ha ha!!! Yah I know what you mean about posting helping to get you motivated. It works! It really works!! Now all us gals are waiting to see how it comes out!!!

    Tonight I print out another photo of my God Son to frame. Ahhhh the joy of being an Auntie.


  • Donna says:

    So glad that you cleared up the sundress and panties for Minh. It is so cute.

  • dana says:

    oooooh, me likey!! i can’t wait to get back to my little sewing machine!!!!

  • HabeshaChild says:

    well, if you feel the need to whip out a sundress, I know someone over here would be happy to have it. :-)

  • Christine says:

    EEK!!! Love it! My fingers are *itching* to be crafting again! (Is it a little sick that I’d rather knit than sleep?!)

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