November 22, 2008 § 3 Comments

2 friends came over the night of my birthday for pizza & {3 bottles} of wine. Last night I had dinner with my girlfriend E, we were supposed to go to a hip vegetarian place in Amsterdam but due to major train delays had to cancel. After walking in the cold & being turned away at 2 spots, we wound up at a cute eetcafe in Utrecht & had a yummy dinner {plus la Chouffe}. The strangest thing happened at 11pm though. E got a call from the restaurant where we canceled our reservations & got yelled at. When she called earlier to cancel so that our table would be freed up {before our actual reservation time}, no one answered so she left a message on their voicemail explaining. This guy didn’t care. He actually reprimanded her because we canceled and how dare we? People don’t do that. They turn people away. Well la-di-freaking-da! He was so out of control that E finally just hung up on him {after being very nice & trying to explain}. Yeah. Something tells me he has more issues than cancellations…

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Cute bento box blog! This is how I envision packing Mini’s lunches…
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#s21 & 22 for Mini-Muffin
Always think before you speak & don’t yell at people. It’s very rude sweetie, & if you own a restaurant, it could wreck your business.

Enjoy dinner out with a good friend at least once per month.


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