November 16, 2008 § 7 Comments

{first creature from ana’s book done!}

Mini-Muffin is 15 months old today! And as of last night he is walking like a champ- doesn’t want to hold a finger unless he specifically requests it & barrels through all in his path. He’s seriously very, very cute. He’s also getting big into kusjes {kisses}, we went through and planted one on each & every Little People tonight as well as Ollie, his trusty elephant. Muffin continues to amaze us every day. Of course we are blinded by love, but he’s just awesome.

It could be the bubble of optimism I’ve been floating around in since the election, but the past few days I have caught up on news back home & was so disappointed to find that same sex marriage has been voted down in California, Arizona & Florida. My heart sank, particularly when I thought about how happy & fortunate I am to celebrate 2 years of marriage. Why are people so threatened by love? How could a promise to love & honor between two adults be wrong? Anyway, I came across a video in this blog post that is well worth watching.

Blog 16
My friend MB passed this on to me today & it’s pretty exciting!

#16 for Mini-Muffin
I hope you are always proud of your accomplishments.


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  • Rebecca says:

    So adorable….I’ve seen that book, too. So great! (Assuming you made it…) Will you make more?

  • Christine says:

    ***love*** that bear! Not to mention the fabric pattern behind him!

    I know – I was really sad to hear those results as well. It feels like a big step backwards for those states. But I still have a ton of optimism overall, and that’s the most important thing. I love the energy this election gave the communities I am involved in!

  • craftymommy says:

    I was sad when prop8 passed in California too. I’ve been hearing (though I don’t know how true it is) that the courts here are going to overturn it based on the fact that it is a form of discrimination. It’s funny how before the election I saw all sorts of protests everywhere I went to pass the prop, and now that it passed people have come out of the woodwork and I’ve been seeing so many protests against it even though the election is over. It gives me hope. That even though it passed people are fighting it.

    By the way, the crocheted bear is adorable!! I wish I was talented like that.

  • lee says:

    the amigurumi rocks! well done my friend!
    i was sad about it all too…
    hopefully we will see some CHANGE in that area soon.


  • Laura says:

    Happy 15 months, precious! Sounds like you’re a walking fool. :)

    I was sick when the same sex con’l amendment passed in my state. Sick and ashamed.

  • Shannon says:

    adorable bear! One of M.’s classmates mom made bears like that for the whole class with caps on for kindy grad. So sweet.

    Go to andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com for lots of info and pics on protests etc.

  • Jenna says:

    1. love the bear…love it, love it, love it!
    2. once the dust settled and I learned about prop. 8, I was sick. we had just taken such a big step forward and then this. I hope “craftmommy” is right and this will get overturned. The video was fantastic and oh so true! Sad, really.

    Happy 15 months little man!

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