November 6, 2008 § 4 Comments

My parents arrived this morning for a 9 day visit! It took a minute, but Muffin recognized them & has been loving their attention.

Still pinching myself after election day…

Hoping to post some photos soon.


Blog 6

Vegan yumyum
You don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to like this blog- the photos are beautiful & the recipes delish.


#6 for Mini-Muffin
I hope you always remember to judge a person by their character & actions; not by their skin color.


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  • Christine says:

    This wish brought tears to my eyes!

    I hope you have a fabulous time with your parents!!

  • Laura says:

    How nice that your parents are there! It’s great that Minh remembered them. I love your wish for the day. I think I’ll just take all of your wishes at the end of the month, copy them, and make them my wishes, too, because so far, I couldn’t agree with them more. xoxo

  • Kelli says:

    Have a fun visit with your parents! I am sure they are loving time with Minh and vice versa!

  • Carissa says:

    I hope that your time with your parents is amazing! And I too love this wish!

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