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With the overflow of extra time that I have {…}, I’m going to make a set of amigurumi animals for Mini-Muffin as soon as this book arrives. If you are a fan of amigurumi, then I suggest you check out Ana’s blog; she’s awesome.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mini’s ethnicity & the responsibility we have to make sure that we don’t saturate him with whiteness or erase where he came from {how else do I put it?} At a recent playgroup he was playing with some dolls- all Caucasian with blond hair. As soon as we got home I started an internet search for dolls with Asian features. Thankfully my mum was a few steps ahead of me and had ordered one, as well as a set of Fisher Price ‘little people’, with several Asian folks. And Saturday Hans came home with a dvd of the popular Dutch children’s film, ‘Waar is het paard van Sinter Klaas?’ (‘Where is Sinter Klaas’ horse?’) It so happens that the lead character is played by a Dutch-Chinese actress. Not Vietnamese, but she is Asian, so we are happy for that. We really want to find some balance with our American/Dutch/Vietnamese-ness, & not make it weird for Mini- or make anything forced. A good flow would be nice…any suggestions?

{Ebbie Tam}

Which brings me to Tet. Our plan is to celebrate every year, has anyone else & what does your family do?

Blog 3

Another one that I read almost everyday, she’s a cool mom & prolific crafter!


#3 for Mini-Muffin

I hope that you are proud of where you were born & never wish for facial features different than the beautiful ones you have.


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  • Christine says:

    Yum is right! That yarn is gorgeous… And that book looks *seriously* cute!

    As for keeping Minh’s culture … is there a Vietnamese restaurant near you? Or an asian market? I think food is something everyone will enjoy and is easy to integrate. Or, how about a magazine or newspaper for Vietnamese-Americans? (I have no idea if there is one) Just a couple of thoughts. I have more though, so just let me know if you want ’em… my reply was getting ridiculously long!

    Off to check off that blog!

  • Lauren says:

    I wish I had some ideas for you, but we are struggling with the same things…how to add Vietnamese culture without it being forced or awkward. We are fortunate to live in a diverse city with a very large Vietnamese population and even a Vietnamese part of town. But, it still can be hard to find Asian dolls and movies with lead Asian actors. We do plan on celebrating Tet every year as well, but I haven’t thought far enough ahead to figure out just how exactly we will celebrate!

    Love the little animals, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • Laura says:

    I’ll be checking back for people’s suggestions b/c we’re working on the same thing. We’re considering moving at some point in the not-too-distant future, actually, for that reason.

    I love that you’re recommending a blog every day. Can’t wait to check them out!

  • Jen says:

    Thanks for mentioning those Little Peoples. I’m off to scour the Internet for them. We do already have a couple Asian dolls, but it is hard to find stuff that boys will want to continue playing with.

    As for Tet, we haven’t figured out what we will do, just that we will do it. It will probably be the holiday that WE host. ;)

  • craftymommy says:

    For integrating dolls and characters of color into my daughter’s life I just make note of it. I don’t think she notices. A lot of people buy her caucasian dolls so I just make sure that I buy her dolls of other ethnicities. I can’t usually find them in stores, so I usually buy those online. Same goes for books. I look out for books with characters that are all different ethnicities. That way all this stuff is just a part of her life. It’s not something forced on or harped on – it’s just there, just life that contains different skin tones and different cultures. (Love Little People – they even made a Latino prince and princess!)

    Tet is early this year! End of January. We do lots. It’s a time for family. Have fun with it. My mom says the most important thing about Tet is spending time with family, so while you’re planning everything to do don’t forget that part. :)

  • Kelli says:

    Love that wish…

  • Saucy says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, friend. I’m disheartened by the negative comments my lighthearted post generated. I only want the best for the world! Time for a change. Let us reduce the fear and the hate.

    Peace to all of us.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hey you crafty mommy! I bet you can make some Awsome Vietnamese dolls. Sanbate’s first doll is very brown and handmade by me. It isn’t perfect but she loves her. I only have one caucasian dolly in the house I guess because I feel like we need to create balance. Since we are in India only dad is represented outside home so we make up for it at home with books and handmade stuff. I wish we had an Ethiopian restaurant around- we would become regulars and make friends with the staff, (if possible). Thats what we did in Boston. Oh I just love reading your blog, it helps me with mommy ideas!

  • Carissa says:

    OH my grandma used to make me those all the time – I SOOOOO have to make some, I could not love you more for sharing that!

    As for the other I am trying VERY hard to figure all of that out myself as well as the Korean version of Tet (celebrated at the same time). Keep the ideas coming!

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