October 24, 2008 § 10 Comments

My one badly written political rant- not very organized. Apologies to two of my favorite conservative blogging friends in advance.

I drank the koolaid while watching Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. I wavered in the beginning of this campaign as to whether or not I felt he was ‘ready’, but was quickly convinced, particularly after this, this & this. Without going off on a tangent or getting too detailed, a few thoughts that give me hope…

  • Ending the war
  • A stop to the global bullying
  • Focusing on domestic issues such as our crumbling schools, uninsured citizens and alternative energy
  • Repairing our relationships with other countries
  • Stop making abortion {between a woman & her doctor}, sexual orientation {none of your business} & religion {believe what you want…or don’t} political issues
  • Getting out of the pockets of the NRA, Tobacco industry & Oil companies
  • The rising level of poverty in our country will be addressed
  • The growing hatred towards immigration will dissipate
  • Having a president who can complete a grammatically correct sentence

And a *wish*: That serious gun control will be put back on the table for discussion

Also- I currently live in a country in which medical care is a socialist provision, which means everyone has insurance & access to quality care. The system is not perfect but it works. Sometimes you have to wait, but the payoff is that everyone has insurance, society as a whole is healthier, no one is losing their home to pay medical bills, people do not put off seeing a doctor because they can’t afford it & therefore preventing something more serious. There is no reason why we can’t do the same! What is the fear?

Obama isn’t perfect but I believe that he & who he surrounds himself with are going to make a positive difference. I want the past 8 years to end. I want to feel proud of where I come from, to know that people in the United States are no longer being lead by an administration which promotes paranoia, prejudice, war, division between the wealthy & working class {wait, the working class is practically non-existent now}… destruction of our environment, wasteful spending & neglects our poor. Living abroad I can say that repairing our relationships with other countries is vital. We are no longer respected or even liked. We have written off the opinions & concerns of our allies for 8 years, bullied them into agreement…or else. While jokes abound regarding The Cowboy, there has been a genuine fear of our administration. Think about how very, very sad that is. Our administration has done a good job at convincing us that world opinion doesn’t matter; that if it ain’t American, it’s nothing more than blabbering. That we must support the war without question & be skeptical of anyone with an accent or who is named Abdul. That if you oppose the war, support a woman’s right, or don’t go to church you are not American enough. And all the while we still have children who go to bed hungry, thousands of people shot to death every year & families one paycheck away from living on the street. This is not the country I left 7 years ago and not the one I want to go back to & it breaks my heart because I *love* home.

I admit it- I’m addicted to the hope Obama has inspired. I love that young people are jumping on the bandwagon & getting involved with politics again & there is a real possibility that this dark cloud will be lifted. I mailed my absentee ballot & I’ll be in Amsterdam throughout election night with hundreds of other Americans to watch the numbers come in.



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