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Hans and I are vegetarians…but we are going vegan for the next few weeks. Hans is going to love it! haha. A little break from dairy so to speak. A few people have asked what kind of dairy we eat, living in the land of cheese and all. It’s not possible to find rennet-free dairy in the regular grocery stores but we do have a really nice organic/vegetarian store in our hood that sells amazing parmesan and slices. (This is when I miss living in Philly, on the same block as a gigantic Whole Foods Market). And to answer another question I’ve been asked via email quite a bit: Yes, we will be raising our Munchkin as a vegetarian. If he’d like to try meat or fish someday we won’t stop him but we aren’t going to encourage it. I will, however, put my foot down with McDonald’s and other fast food chains. Not sure how this will work when he’s 13, though…No, we won’t raise him to believe meat-eating is evil but my hope is that he respects animals and chooses to be vegetarian throughout his life. This doesn’t mean we don’t partake in badness now and again like ice cream, Belgian fries smothered in mayo and cookies ;)

Anyway, I came across this blog I thought I’d share (for Miss Sarah especially). The recipes sound delish and the photos are making me hungry!


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  • Amanda says:

    Gorgeous!!! I love the tablecloth!

  • jenna says:

    So interesting that you posted that. Ed and I are rapidly becoming vegetarian. We haven’t actually purchased meat in probably 6-8 months and we are still breaking our families into the idea (we eat at their houses a lot) :) We also plan on raising Ella vegetarian and our pediatrician (who has been a veg. for 15 years) was thrilled. Oh, and we just discovered our local coop has the best rennet free cheese :) YAY I just recently learned what that was….ugh!

    Anyway, interesting post! Let me know how the vegan thing goes…we have a few friends that do it…but I love my cheese and ice cream way too much. I live in Wisconsin, what can I say?

  • gregory says:

    Yum. I went to the link, and now I must eat. Yuuuuuuummmm.

  • greg says:

    ah ha. two gregory’s in one blog posting.

    well, this is the other greg…

    love the photo, love the black and white treatment!

    as for going vegan…i support you both. but i will ALWAYS have a soft spot for Belgian Frites…with mayonaise…en kurry ketchup…en onions!!! :)

    hoe doe!


  • jodean says:

    Lovely tablecloth! Thanks for the link… I’m not a vegetarian but I don’t really eat very much meat as a matter of taste. I LOVE vegetables, and am always looking for new recipes to try=)

  • Mrs. G. says:

    I wish I was sitting at that table drinking a nice cup of tea.

  • Kelli K says:

    I am not a vegetarian, but love vegetarian dishes (usually over meat). Thanks for the link!

  • carissa says:

    Because I am so picky about what meat I will eat, many people have accused me of being a vegetarian (especially in law school) so I am interested in some of these recepies – they sound so good! I wish I would have had them in law school as we had these potluck dinners and this one couple were/are vegans and I would have LOVED to be able to cook more things they could/would have eaten. Thanks for the links!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Bless you for raising your beauty vegetarian. We are fish eaters but the doctors ( and my mum) wore me down to a nub with the protein shchpeil. Sanbate eats chicken. I would prefer her to be vegetarian. Maybe when we move to India the pressure will ease off and I will feel confident enough to let her be veggie. Again. Good for YOU! And the boy!

  • Dana says:

    I love that site! The recipes sound really good. Will you be posting about how the vegan week is going – including recipes you’re trying out? I have always been interested in trying it out but I have this idea in my head that it’s a lot of work. You may inspire me to try it :)

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