December 26, 2007 § 4 Comments

Well, it’s been interesting.

On Saturday evening, Hans slipped on the front steps of our house while bringing groceries in and landed in a very funky way on his ankle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look quite so ashen…Within a half hour we were in the emergency room to make sure it wasn’t broken (it’s not).

On Christmas Eve, our friend Carrie had dinner with us and spent the night. It was really nice and relaxed. At 1am our time, I called my Godparent’s home back in the States to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. My cousins and parents were there, and we usually are too; I could imagine the food and decorations and could hear everyone’s voices. I got a terrible pang of homesickness! They all watched the DVD of Munchkin (about a million times according to my mum) and everyone agreed that he is the most beautiful baby on the planet.

At 4am I awoke to find Hans in the tub with horrid chills and a fever. He has been fighting a lingering cold for weeks now, so it wasn’t that unexpected. At 10 his fever was hitting 103.5 so we called the doctor and were instructed to go to the emergency clinic to rule out an infection (nothing, thankfully). His fever went down a bit in the afternoon and I headed to my friend Erika’s house with Carrie to bake cookies for Erika and her husband Karl’s big party on Thursday. It was a lot of fun, and the hot toddies Karl made for us were delish. I called to check in on Hans a few hours later and he had a fever of 104.5! I jumped into a cab home, we called the doctor and since he had been seen that morning already, he wasn’t too concerned. Because of the chills he had layered himself with flannel pyjamas and a huge blanket, basically frying himself. We got the fever down to manageable and I spent all of last night checking his temp- which kept going up and down- making sure he was drinking fluids and obsessively watching over him. As of this morning his temp is a tiny bit over normal but that boy’s tush is kicked!

Last year was just as much fun. We had just had our 2 continent wedding blitz in November and spent a few weeks in the States – a wonderful period of time to escape from our miscarriage. Because we had pending IVF treatments; we had to stay in the Netherlands for the holidays to be near the clinic. A few days before Christmas I was hit with a horrendous endometriosis flareup so our plans to have dinner out together on Christmas Eve were quashed, then we spent Christmas Day in the IVF clinic, me in a fog of painkillers. Nice!

I’m not feeling sorry for myself, I’m finding a bit of humor in it actually. I was down about not being home for Thanksgiving as well, but we were invited by lovely people to share the day with them. I was sad that we would not be able to swing a trip in December, either, but my parents made it possible for us to have a wonderful vacation with them. We are blessed for so many reasons, the first and foremost of course is our beautiful son. I have amazing friends and we have a warm and happy home. I am also incredibly grateful for making it through to the other side of grief from our losses; how different a place we were a year ago today. And while I still have my moments, nothing could make me feel more joy than when I look at our little boy’s face, or the thought that we will meet him soon.

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  • Oh no, poor Hans! What a horrible way to feel on Christmas. I hope his ankle is feeling a lot better and that he is starting to perk up after his fever.

    I can completely relate to your feelings about being far from your family on Christmas and hearing their voices and wanting to be with them. I’ve only spent 1 Christmas with my family in Australia since I moved here in 1999. It’s hard.

    I hope you hear word of travel after the New Year holiday. I’m sure the embassy people aren’t doing much during these 2 weeks.

  • Jen says:

    Oh dear! Glad Hans is feeling better. How wonderful that you were able to receive a video of your son! I feel better too when I look at our little guy’s face too. I just wish I could block out all the other crap that brings me down!

  • Carissa says:

    What a terrible way to spend Christmas, poor Hans. I hope that he feels better soon and that he is able to celebrate with you and everyone else. Glad that you are able to look back and laugh, that is the route Aaron and I took we could either laugh through all the craziness or we could cry but laughing would get us further along (not to say we didn’t cry but we laughed more than we cried). Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  • bdm9370 says:

    So sorry to hear about the injury and fever. Sucks to be sick at Christmas. Hope you are all well and healed by New Years.


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