October 30, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’m going back to work today after being stuck home for the past week. I’ve been putting off taking that stupid injection, so I guess tonight’s the night. If I’m honest I’ll say that I am a little nervous that I’ve reached the end of the line in regard to controlling the endometriosis. I’ve let all of my anger go the past years towards the countless doctors who told me it was all ‘normal’, but now, at times like this I can’t help but feel incredibly pissed off. My biggest fear isn’t so much these episodes of pain but another surgery. Funny, huh? It’s not something you get used to. We’ll see what the doctor says on the 2nd.

I’ve sold out of journals (yay!) so I will be busting my tush trying to get some new ones finished asap. I ventured into town yesterday and bought some pretty sheets from India. I also got the new Holiday Guide link from Indie Collective…I broke down and bought an ad slot, you’ll see solobooks down there somewhere! So many cool arty folk in the world.


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