May 18, 2010 § 7 Comments

{little man picked these flowers out yesterday. it was a tough call for him to make between them & a humongous palm plant. a bit more tough to navigate while on a bike…}

My parents arrive today around 530! It looks as though The Ash Cloud has mercifully drifted away & the airports between London {their layover} & A’dam are open with flights running pretty much on time.
They will be here nearly 3 weeks & as excited as I am to see them, selfishly H & I are really looking forward to some sleeeeeep
Once Little Man sees Nana & Grandpa, we will be dust. Let the spoiling begin!

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May 7, 2010 § 7 Comments

{new blankets & cushions for the boys}

{duvet cover & cushions for little man}

{cotton polar fleece on one side, manly {heehee} birds on the other for hans’ chair in the sunroom
the matching cushions are more for me than him i think…}

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March 24, 2010 § 3 Comments

Blooming basket. Chomped leaves courtesy of kitty Jip.


February 28, 2010 § 7 Comments

{our balcony}

dreamy music by lemongrass


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February 15, 2010 § 14 Comments

We had a lovely party for Lunar New Year! It was a bit crazy- about 50 people when all was said & done. The food turned out great & a bonus was when a Vietnamese friend told me my Xoi Vo {sticky rice with mung bean} was delicious…& she took some home!

I wish I had taken a picture of people drinking avocado shakes. Bliss.

& our friends were so gracious! Surprising us with gifts for Little Man, handmade red envelopes, & flowers. Our house is filled!

These were certainly things not expected, but we were overwhelmed by the *love*, thoughtfulness & enthusiasm. How amazing it is to share such a happy occasion with people who were with us from the very beginning. I looked around at one point & saw friends who attended our wedding(s), who knew how much weight we were carrying, who were there during the never ending process, who seemed to simply understand how very hard it was & who were as excited as us to meet Little Man. This party was for us, but also for them!

My only wish of course…

That our peeps in the US could have been with us, too. You know we love you!

& now, to really kick the Year of the Tiger off, the illness I’ve been trying to ignore for several days is officially un-ignorable. I think it’s better but uhm, where did my voice go?


February 1, 2010 § 8 Comments

Lots of giggles coming from the playroom while I was cleaning up the kitchen, in between stretches of quiet.
Here is what I found & I didn’t make him stop. How much fun, huh? We now have a big lovely ball of toilet paper on our living room table.

{please email me about the new pw}


December 28, 2009 § 10 Comments

{boston chinatown}

Tomorrow we fly to warm weather where Hans is waiting for us! I can’t wait to see him, we miss him sooooooo much. We’ll be celebrating the New Year with 2 of our best friends who just happen to be in the same Sunny Place for a short vaca from NY.

I am just about over my illness & can I just say: wow. This has been one hell of a nasty head cold. I managed to enjoy my time at home though- no problem indulging in yummy food & drinks! We went to a few big family/friend parties, I managed to get a good chunk of time in Boston & of course spend as much time as possible with Little Man’s 2 fairy godmommies. I love you both!

Little Man has been having an incredibly great time- the attention, the spoils, the nonstop looooooooooove by some very doting folks ;)

Even though we are going to be in the US for 2 more weeks, & my parents will be joining us in a few days, I am already feeling sad about leaving my little homestate. Walking around Boston made me so nostalgic; & the things I have always loved about it got to be too much.

One of my favorite moments was while I was sitting on a crowded T just before Christmas & suddenly a group of about 25 young people throughout the train started singing a beautiful hymn. Of course this doesn’t happen all the time & Bostonians are known for being a bit curmudgeonly, but it was nice. It was cold & snowy but there were plenty of bright blue skies which only made the city look more beautiful. & the smells, sounds & streets of Chinatown…sigh.

I was overwhelmed by that certain feeling of being someplace surrounded by people who have known me forever. At a particular gathering we went to on saturday I really felt it. Being in a room with folks who have loved me for years, who I miss, who are a part of some of my oldest memories. They indulged my little boy & showered him with such genuine affection I couldn’t help but feel incredibly blessed to have them in my life.

I struggle to reconcile these feelings every time I am here & it’s nothing new to Hans. I already feel sorry that he will have to deal with those first few days after my return to Holland of me being an emotional buzz kill…Coming off the high of being home, speaking & hearing English all of the time & that bit of feeling just a tad more me.

My home is where my boys are & god knows we have a good life, good friends & I love living in the EU, but there are always pangs of missing, missing, missing.

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